Chapter Two: The Union’s Objectives

The Union’s objectives are:

  1. Organizing & developing cooperation between its members and strengthening relations between them.

  2. Exchanging the ideas and knowledge in the constitutional Jurisdiction field.

  3. Encouraging researches and legal studies concerning the constitutional Jurisdiction, especially those relating to human rights and contributing to spreading constitutional culture in Arab societies.

  4. Organizing and developing cooperation between the Union and similar organizations at the other states, and find new possibilities and forms for such cooperation.

  5. Participation in international conferences concerning the constitutional jurisdiction.

  6. Standardization of the constitutional terminology in the Arab countries.

  7. Presenting opinion and advice in the constitutional field upon Arab countries request.

The Union will achieve its objectives by all means, especially through:

  1. Issuance of periodical magazine to publish constitutional and legal studies and researches, and what issued from bodies concerned of the constitutional jurisdiction.

  2. Exchanging judgments and decisions issued by the bodies concerned of the constitutional jurisdiction.

  3. Convening conferences and symposiums to present and discuss researches and constitutional studies.

  4. Exchanging visits.

  5. Encouragement authoring, translation and publishing in constitutional jurisdiction field.

  6. Establishing a legal and comprehensive library in the Union’s office, provided with Arab and comparative legal publications especially concerning the constitutional jurisdiction, and create a digital library in the context of developing the Union website as a tool for communication and dissemination of the constitutional culture.