The Scientific Committee Regulations

Union of Arab Constitutional Courts and Councils

Article I:     The Scientific Committee of the Union replaces the committees mentioned in Article 20 of the Union rules of procedure and performs the functions of these committees on a temporary basis.

 Article II:    The permanent headquarters of the Committee shall be in Cairo as it is the Union’s headquarters; and it may meet in any member state according to the Union Council decision in this regard.

Article III:  The Committee meets twice a year -at least once every six months- provided that the last meeting held coincides with the Union Council session, it can also meet in extraordinary sessions upon an invitation of the Union president or the Union secretary general.

Article IV: The subsistence expenses of each member of the Committee shall be borne by the Union. Travel expenses shall be borne by the states concerned.

 Article V:   The Committee session is valid by the presence of the absolute majority of its members and its decisions are valid by the majority of votes of the members present.

Article VI: The secretary general shall be the president of the Committee and he shall present to the Union Council a report on its activities, but in his absence, the vice president -representative of the Council or the Court that holds the presidency of the Union- will be in charge.

Article VII: The Committee shall submit its decisions and recommendations to the Union Council for approval.

Article VIII: The Scientific Committee shall achieve the Union objectives in various fields such as cultural fields, research and studies, translation, magazine, website, organizing conferences and legal scientific symposiums and participating in international conferences.

Article IX: After adopting these regulations by the Union Council, they shall be effective immediately.